A Day at Macadamia Castle in Byron Bay, Australia

We had such a fun family day at Macadamia Castle while we were living in Australia, this included a bucket list opportunity of feeding and taking pictures with Kangaroo’s! Read all about it below!

Macadamia Castle is conveniently located in Northern NSW, Australia between Byron Bay and Ballina in a suburb called Knockrow. For over 40 years, it’s been a popular local and tourist destination for animal-loving kids of all ages, along with their families. It includes an Animal Park filled with various animals and reptiles (and yes, it has kangaroos!), mini-golf, train rides, and so much more.

Macadamia Castle, Byron Bay Australia

The Reward: A fun and memorable day with your kids outdoors!

Amenities: Cafe, Gift Shop, Animal Park, Mini Golf, Train Ride, and More!

Location: 419 Hinterland Way, Knockrow NSW 2479 (between Byron Bay and Ballina)

When: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Check out the Macadamia Castle animal-filled activity schedule HERE

Check out Macadamia Castle’s map!

There is so much fun to be had at Macadamia Castle for littles and families of all ages! We took our 1-year-old boy, Kaleo while we were living in Byron Bay, Australia. Macadamia Castle makes for the perfect day outing for animal-loving kids whether you are a local or a tourist. There really is something for everyone!

Not to mention, if you are a visitor (like us) and dream about getting that bucket list photo with a kangaroo or koala. At Macadamia Castle, you can tick that off right off! That was definitely a highlight of our day! See below for photos!

Here’s what we got up to at Macadamia Castle… along with some bucket list moments and tips!

Baby feeding a Kangaroo

What is the Macadamia Castle?

The Macadamia Castle has been a popular tourist destination since 1975. The Animal Park and activities including mini-golf, a train ride, multiple playgrounds including a treehouse one, the cafe, Nut Bar, fine food section, and retail store provide a full day of entertainment and education. An ideal outing for a fun-filled family day and a great destination when exploring the region. This is also a great stop if you are on a road trip and looking for a place to rest, enjoy and/or break up your day with an educational activity or play for the littles.

While there is lots to do, it’s not a big theme park like others around, so it gives you an opportunity to spend as long, or as little, as you want here.

We arrived at 11 am and left at 2 pm, lucky for us it was not a busy day (we went mid-week, the first week it re-opened after COVID-19). Although we could have spent longer, we felt like we hit the highlights and was still able to get our 1-year-old down for his afternoon nap at home.

Feeding the Animals

Baby and Mama feeding baby goats in Australia

The Animal Park is home to more than 150 amazing animals including kangaroos, wombat, koala, bunnies, baby goats, guinea pigs, a fabulous array of birds and reptiles including snakes and crocodiles. There is also a Farmyard Nursery and a Chick House with lots of baby chicks that can be handled.

Kaleo had a blast feeding the animals. The baby goats and kangaroos were our highlights because they were SO cute and friendly!

Our Animal Encounter with the Kangaroos

We had the opportunity to do an animal encounter with the kangaroo’s which was a HIGHLIGHT to our day! We got to personally feed them carrots (which they love) and spend quality time alone with the rooms. It gave us an incredible opportunity to take our bucket list photos with them.

Our Delicious Lunch @ The Cafe


A MUST SEE is the bird show which is located at the pond, just beside the treehouse playground for kids (I would say it’s more suited for ages 4+ but Kaleo still had fun exploring along the grounds of it).

The bird show is a spectacular, engaging, and educational show where we learned all about the local birds. .

We wrapped up our day by doing one last walk around the grounds, before hitting the road to get back for Kaleo’s afternoon nap. We wish we could have stayed all day and done all the afternoon activities which included: the reptile encounters, feeding the bunnies & more, but this just means we’ll have to come back again next time!

I hope you have a blast at Macadamia Castle! Have any questions? Please write the below!

To learn more, check out their website HERE.

Bucket List Experience: Feeding the Kangaroo’s, Mama and Baby Joey

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